Impostor Syndrome: The Silent Struggle
What is It? The idea was first researched in 1978 by two psychologists Dr Pauline R Clance and Dr Suzanne A Imes.  Based on their research they found it to be more common in women.  More recent research has found it to be equally spread between the sexes; up to 70% of us will feel […]
My Personal Experience with Counselling
The Day Before My First Session I remember vividly, the day before my first ever counselling session, I almost cancelled. The uncertainty and fear of opening up about my deepest concerns to a stranger was overwhelming. But, I’m so glad I didn’t give in to my apprehension. I won’t pretend it was all plain sailing. […]
Online, telephone or face to face counselling?
In 2020 during the first wave of the pandemic I was in the last few months of four years of study and looking forward to finishing my Counselling Diploma and qualifying. Then the unbelievable happened; overnight we were not allowed to leave our homes and me and many others in education wondered how on earth […]
The Mystery of the Counselling Session
Many people wonder what goes on in a therapy session and how it works; and it's not like in the films! In this blog I will try to explain and reassure that although it can seem mysterious, it is about two people sat in a room; me the counsellor and the other, the client who […]

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